In the heart of Fort Cochin’s spice trading district, Mattanchery, we have restored this waterfront merchant’s property to offer modern hospitality while paying our respects to history. Situated on Bazaar Road, where art galleries and cafes now neighbour bustling warehouses of pepper, cinnamon and cardamom - Spice Harbour offers signature restaurant “51” to both hotel guests and the local community with a double height view onto the harbour. The cuisine of 51 reflects multi-cultural influences on the Malabar footways, updated for modern tastes. There are 16 guest rooms to choose from. The suite facing the water is almost certainly the finest in the Cochin metropolitan area, if not all of Kerala. Another suite offers the quintessential view of Bazaar Road, from an elevated perspective. Four other water-facing rooms are unrivalled with views across the harbour. Among the other 10 rooms, five on the ground floor have private gardens while those on the floor above have large picture windows with diagonal views to the harbour and three with views onto Bazaar Road. Our guest rooms pay tribute to the history of the location and India’s contemporary aesthetic.