Our traditional houseboats, called “Kettuvallam,” are designed to complement the beauty of the journey in the picturesque backwaters. They are built with wood harvested from local jackfruit tree plantations, hand-stitched by local craftsmen with coconut fiber rope (coir) and strengthened with fish oil—a tradition pre-dating industrial engineering techniques but proving stronger than modern alternatives. We are committed to keeping this knowledge and traditions alive, with your support. Each houseboat is furnished comfortably and attractively while hewing close to tradition. The Goldstar-certified boats have one, two or three bedrooms; all bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning. Each boat has an open-air living area and a fully-equipped kitchen. Staff includes a chef, one or two servers (depending on number of bedrooms) and captain—all at your service throughout your stay on the houseboat.Our houseboats are staffed entirely by members of the backwaters communities, selected for their positions based on innate hospitality traits and fully trained in culinary and guest service skills. Guests invariably enjoy their company.